How it Works

  1. Use the shopping cart to select the number of each type of disk that you would like processed and checkout securely using a credit card through GoogleCheckout.
  2. Pack the disk along with a print out of your order and mail to:
    Attn: Disk Processing
    2557 Farmington Ct
    Lafayette, IN 47905
  3. Within 2 business day of receipt of your disk we will respond with your results.
    • If we were able to successfully access the disk(s):
      • email you the a zip archive file for 5 1/4" and 3 1/2" Floppies (may provide via secure download in case of large datasets or email server limitations)
      • provide a link to download the data for Zip 100/250 and LS 120 SuperDisk Disks.
      • The final step is waiting to hear from you. Upon successful receipt please review your data. Upon confirmation of your satisfaction we will delete all copies of your data and destroy the physical disk. This ensures your data remains secure and no one gains unauthorized access.
    • If we were unable to successfully access your disk(s) we will promptly return them via Priority Mail.
    • When you place your order you are paying for our attempt to access and copy your data, no refunds will be provided in the case that we are unable to sucessfully copy your disks. Only postage costs for return shipping will be refunded in the case we are unable to sucessfully copy the files.